Do You Want A Private Tutor For Greek Lessons London?

It doesn’t matter if you know the basics or nothing at all, Greek lessons in London are available to teach you to speak the Greek or Greek Cypriot language.
Individual one-on-one or group greek lessons can be given in the comfort of your own home. If you have any particular requirements, all lessons can be tailored to accommodate them.
Also visit for Greek Lessons in the Essex area.

Greek & Greek Cypriot Lessons London

I teach the Greek  language for beginners (children or adults), the Greek culture and customs, the difference between the Greek language and the Greek –Cypriot dialect. Lessons include conversation, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary.
The programs that I teach are:
  • Basic and general Greek lessons for beginners
  • Greek Lessons for business
  • Greek – Cypriot lessons
  • Greek for Greeks